Dmitry Shvarts (dmitry48) wrote,
Dmitry Shvarts

✨ Филипп Алексис де Ласло


Portrait of Princess Ruspoli, Duchess de Gramont (1888-1976)



Portrait of Cecile Rankin


Mrs George Owen Sandys, 1915



Portrait of Mrs. Francis Lindley Gull, later Mrs Morgan-Grenville, neé Elizabeth (Betty) Renshaw



Mrs Claud Mullins, née Gwen Brandt



Portrait of Lady Illingworth



Portrait of Miss Baird



Portrait of Viscountess Chaplin



Portrait of Dona Maria Mercedes de Alvear



Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary of Wales



Mrs George Whitney, née Martha Beatrix Bacon.1926



Portrait of a lady wearing a peaked headdress



Portrait of Jean Garmany Brandt (b. 1867)



Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, The Duchess of Argyll, 1915



Princess Beatrice



Princess Cecile of Greece



Portrait of Raymond P. Johnson-Ferguson  



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